AAWP Discount Code 2019 – 30% Off for Amazon WordPress Plugin

There are a lot invalid and valid AAWP discount coupon codes out there, you may waste a lot time searching these coupons, so do I.

I have been an Amazon affiliate for 5 years now, usually, I recommend products using amazon links, and sometimes I made tables using Microsoft Word, also I’m using some free wordpress table plugin until I found the AAWP! What a fantastic table plugin! Pretty easy to use than other Amazon table plugins!

If you are going to buy the AAWP, why not using AAWP discount code to save some bucks?

I only found a 20% off coupon code for this plugin, but do you know how to get 30% off?

Best WordPress Table Plugin for Amazon Affiliates!

You can use the following discount code to get 20% off.

Here is the guide on how to get 30% off on AAWP WordPress Amazon plugin.

For example, the original price of the personal license is $39, click the “Buy now” button, you will see the checking out page.

AA WP discount coupon code

The price for the AAWP personal license is $39, including the tax. Please stay on this page for about 2-5 minutes, make sure you choose “AAWP -Personal” word, and right click your mouse, click copy 

AAWP price

Yes, choose the words, and copy it.


Yes, the site will pop out the following window, please click the button to get 10% off.

AAWP coupon code

Then, you can use the AAWP coupon code we provide, which can help you get another 20% off.


AAWP discount coupon code

AAWP discount codeAnd we have to pay $19.5 finnally.
that's it.

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