Press75 Review: A Review of WordPress Themes

Press75 have been around since 2008 and in this time they have gathered a strong following from people who believe that they offer the highest quality WordPress themes available. While we wouldn’t go quite as far to suggest that they are the best on the market, we do agree that the slogan on their site – “Exceptional WordPress Themes” – is an apt one, and that they would be a great choice for anyone looking for a new WordPress theme to visit. This Press75 review aims to look at some of the key features of this site and to let you decide whether they are worth investigating further…

Press75 Theme Selection

When you go onto the Press75 website you will find that you have the choice between 27 different designs, all of which are great to use for different purposes. For example, there is the “Office Space” theme, which is perfect for a business looking for a professional design, and there is the “Attache” theme, which can be used to great effect by those wanting to create a striking looking blog. There are also ecommerce themes as well, such as “Acquisto”, which are a great idea if you are new to the world of selling products online.

Press75 Theme Features

Although there are only 27 different themes on this site, Press75 manage to pack in a huge amount of features to every single one of them, therefore ensuring that every theme is of the highest quality. Some of the best features that they all have include:

• A simple and intuitive theme options page – called the “Simple Panel” – which allows the user to make significant changes to the theme with just one click.
• All colors on the site can be changed to a number of different presets, or to a color of your choice.
• Videos are incredibly easy to embed, thanks to the video embedding options added to the dashboard when a theme is installed.
• All themes come with their own selection of custom widgets, so that the site remains looking uniform, regardless of what you need change on it.
• Simple integration with Google Analytics.

Press75 Support

Press75 perhaps fall down slightly when it comes to the support that they offer those who have bought their theme, but only in comparison to some of the other sites that offer a multitude of support options. Press75 rely heavily on the detailed setup and usage instructions which they provide with every single theme they sell, but there are always going to be questions that aren’t answered in these documents, especially if you’re a beginner. To combat this, they do have a forum where people can go to ask their burning questions, but the forum is no way as comprehensive as some other sites.

Press75 Pricing

There are two basic options for those wanting to get a theme from Press75; make a one off purchase or sign up for a package, whereby you get access to all of the current themes. In the opinion of this Press75 review, the £100 package provides the best value, because with this you get access to all themes, updates for the themes for two months and the option to download up to 1 new theme. When you consider that to purchase just one theme costs around $75, then paying the extra $25 is clearly worth it. Other packages are available too, priced at $200 and $300.

Press75 Review

If you need an easy to use WordPress theme that is also professional and effective at the same time, then this is the place for you. It is worth having a limited knowledge of WordPress though if you are to use this site, as the support isn’t as good as it could be.

You can buy press75 WordPress themes here.

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